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It doesn't matter to me what the brand of oil is. It doesn't matter to me how a company markets its oil. Amsoil is what it is, and all the debate in the world will change nothing. This is why I have taken a hardliner attitude with the Amsoil threads.

This post reflects some of the problems with trying to debate Amsoil:

Can't we even try to be fair here? Who was it that hijacked this post?
I believe that it was post number 6 that started the thread off on the "beat a dead horse" tangent.
Sootch, it was the MOTUL guy who first mentioned Amsoil, not Andy. If this forum had reps from the other brands listed I would expect them to get involved too. I did not find Andy's response unreasonable.

jombl, I do not have a problem with your facts. I have a HUGE problem with your attitude. Attacks, insults, and slander will not be tolerated. I don't care how much you think you are right, there is no excuse for an attack or calling someone a liar, twice. Andy is not a liar, his version of the facts simply do not agree with your version of the facts. Liar means intentional deceit, this is not the case. Figure out a more diplomatic way to make you point because next time will involve time-outs. You have been told.

To summarize: Debating Amsoil is not a problem. Threads get edited, locked, deleted, etc, from abuse. I use the term anti-Amsoil cult for the reason Greg stated, it's almost always the same people sabotaging threads, over and over. The Amsoil critics all engage in the same tactic, crap up any and all Amsoil threads until it has to be locked, then cry foul when they are called on it. I have NEVER read any thread in which pro-Amsoil people attacked the competition. If they can accept the competition, so can the Amsoil critics accept Amsoil. Amsoil is not going away, so get used to it.

Learn to agree to disagree, because no one is going to win any Amsoil debate anyway.
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