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>as you'll recall, we went back and forth over email for a couple weeks, to try and resolve one of the wiring issues, that i ultimately diagnosed and resolved myself. as i stated in a previous post, you wrote off the vibrating light pattern (cracked headlight bucket mount) because my car's "a diesel"

Similar to the above, I don't think this is really a fair statement. I have an email from you on 11.8.15 stating that you had an issue with the high beam on one light, and that you didn't have parking lights on either headlight (but that the turn signals worked). Your initial email was at 1:15 PM, and I had replied by 2:46 PM. By 6:42 PM our conversation had concluded with me asking you if there were bulbs in the city lights (not included by default nor ordered) and a short instruction on how to diagnose the high beam issue. On 11.10.15 you had sent me other email stating that you had been busy and not been able to do the test. Then more than a month later on 12.14.15 you sent another stating that you had been bogged down with stuff and had finally found time to do the test, and had taken action to cut and splice some wires. It was also determined/indicated in that email that the issue with the parking brake wasn't really a problem but rather that you were expecting the turn signal to act at the city light like the stock headlights, and that these being e-code assemblies the city light was a separate bulb. That email was at 7:26 pm, and at 8:51 pm I replied with an acknowledgment that the city light is a separate bulb and had to be purchased separately per the product description.

Then in late July 2016 you sent me another email. I won't detail all of the emails because there were more messages than the previous thread, but similar to the above all the emails were replied to within a reasonable timeframe as far as I can see. I admit there was one email that took me a couple days to reply to as I was out of state on vacation at the time, but otherwise it seems that I replied within similar windows as the previous thread, which is to say emails were replied to within an hour or two. This thread ended with you saying you were going to check something with a multimeter and literally I never heard from you again until you popped back up last month with your review. I don't think I ever did anything that would come close to constituting "the run around", with each and every one of my emails being direct to the point in terms of diagnosis. At the point where it seemed like the bulb was the issue I sent you a new set right away. But that being said, please keep in mind that providing 1 or 2 things to look at is the most efficient way to diagnosis. The average customer does not want to get on the phone with tech support and be told "well, it could be any one of 10 different things and here is how to test them all". They want the most likely cause and a simple explanation of how to do that. Call any tech support line and that is how it is done because it avoids customers being overwhelmed and confused. "well, the intermittant bulb could be a bad bulb, bad ballast igniter, bad ballat box, bad power controller, loose connection, corrosion on the main plug, corroded/bad ground connections, blown fuse, voltage loss, or a worn headlight or turn signal switch all of which are faily common on your 13 year old car"...that's only going to lead to confusion. Instead, it makes more sense to just list the 1 or 2 most likely causes and go from there. I hope that makes sense. If it comes across as a "run around" please understand that it is not. It's just a best practice for tech support and meant to keep things simple and straightforward.

And beyond that I see no record in my email of anything related to a grommit, melted ballasts, or anything else beyond what is described above.

In all, I don't think the way you've described our interactions is an accurate reflection of them. You've also left out a couple of important pieces of information, such as the 2 pin to 3 pin turn signal modification you embarked on upon realizing that the assemblies used the e-code assemblies or the long stretches of time due to you being busy the vast majority of the "dragged out" process. At no point in time did you request a refund or to send the lights back to be repaired or replaced. You've painted our interactions as drastically different than I remember or am able to see by pulling up our emails. That being said, you are entitled to your opinion. I'm not going to engage you here past this point, and would appreciate if you wouldn't use my product page to post advertisements for other products. If you'd like to further discuss this I will gladly talk to you over the phone or text. I can be reached at 614-653-8434. And if you want me to look at it/them you are welcome to ship it to me and I will see what can be done.
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