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Originally Posted by philngrayce View Post
Last I heard, VW recommended pure diesel here too. But in states where a certain percentage of biodiesel is mandated, VW allows it and will warranty the car if there are any problems. I suspect the same would be true in Norway. So all else being equal (which it isnít) itís probably better to run the pure diesel. How much more expensie is it?

Perhaps youíd like to find a nice older diesel and run it on WVO. Do the restaurants give it away free over there?

Do those companies sell conversion kits for the newst cars? Iíve heard peoplpe talking about converting a new car, but nobody has done it and reported back. Which makes me think they either decided it couldnít be done, or they did it and the results were bad.
I think some of the companies do custom setups for newer diesel cars but I haven't heard about anyone who has done it yet either. May be the reason for no reports yet on conversion kit installs on newer cars is due to owners being afraid of losing their warranty? I guess you got nothing to say if the car breakes down and you turn up at your VW dealer and they see a bunch of heating tubes, external fuel pumps and trunk mounted tank etc.

Like all countries we have fuel prices going up and down. Lately the price has been fairly cheap, being around 12 Norwegian Kroner/litre which equals 1.43 USD/litre. I guess prices in the US is about 2.9 USD/gallon which is about 0.76 USD/litre. The price for both kerosene, heating oil and SVO is about 1.18 USD/litre so a lot cheaper in our eyes

Like I mentioned in the first post, I did WVO on my first car when I got my drivers license. Back then I drove to a fast food shop and got the WVO and filtered it through a fine mesh filter. I also added about 20 to 30% kerosene so that start up would go smoothly. Nothing I would consider at the moment but still interesting.
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