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I have bought and use one of the builds from IPT - VERY VERY happy customer here. New torque converter, super solid lockup when it is commanded, and I not only got the whole transmission built too, but I got to see him doing it. They aren't sent out, he is a small business (just a couple people that grew up eating transmissions for 3 meals a day) and knows exactly what he is doing.

I trust John, and haven't had any issues at all.
A couple of key points though:
Synthetic fluid. Any good Dexron/Mercon for this unit is what he suggested, I use Mobil One Synthetic. Spendy but great stuff.
Keep the transmission cool. Transmission oil is basically 20 weight oil, and flows just fine in the cold, otherwise you'd never be able to drive any car in the winter without a transmission pan heater. Use an external cooler, the tiny factory "plate cooler" allows the temps in stop-and-go traffic to exceed 230 degrees. With an external cooler and the AC on (assuming it is hot outside) the fans move enough air that the fluid never exceeds 205, and it takes a LONG time to get there. Normal operating temp is 170-180, basically perfect. The torque converter makes lots of heat, the factory "cooler" is passing 200 degree water through it, so most of the time it is ADDING heat not taking it away. This transmission likes to be cooler.

Change the fluid - Every 40k. It isn't hard, and your transmission's lifespan depends on it. I have been intentionally running with extra fluid (no other changes) to see what difference it makes and monitoring temps and performance, and the result is that I believe a bit extra to be beneficial to overall performance, versus the risk of draining too much and running low because of the way you have to set the level. Too much is definitely less bad in my opinion than not enough. My brother in law will attest to that, he incinerated a transmission by driving it with not enough fluid, when I kept warning him that the red drips weren't blood on the ground! (yes it had a leak, he never did figure out where, but he is an idiot.)
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