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Default Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information

Vag-com and coding procedure:

As far as can it can be determined, the cluster will work in all MK4's. When a quesry is made on the part number it shows that it will work with all the compression ignition engines. 99-02.......

The whole cluster can be programmed via a VAG-COM including the updating of the cluster to the correct milage.

Coding the module was very very easy with the VAG-COM. A footnote on 2002's. They have the Imobilzer III system that requires a different coding procedure. You need to have the SKC (Secret Key Code) from the OLD cluster to adapt the new one. It automatically pulls the milage and safware coding all on once. Earlier years require you to do this in separate steps.

Here are the details. The only differences are in the way you have to program them.

You also need access to a VAG-COM or a cool dealer.

Diconnect the battery before performing any work. On 2002 and later vehicles, get the IMMOB. code with a VAG-COM before you disconnect the Cluster. Also, write down you mileage for future coding.

Removing the cluster takes about 10 minutes. Unfortunately I didn't know the secret to removing the trim at the bottom so I had to order a new one. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

Remove the top Steering column trim, then move the steering wheel to the bottom, outward position. Using a small flat blade screw driver, release the small tangs that hold the lower trim from the bottom of the cluster. At the bottom of the cluster are 2 T20 Torx screws. Remove them and pull the cluster out. Disconnect the 2 connectors on the rear of the cluster. That's all that's to it.

Next, remove the Airbag, and steering wheel. With the steering whell out of the way you can remove the lower steering wheel cover. This will now allow you to remove the Wiper stalk.

You have to make 3 wires 18" long with the pin for the wiper stalk on one end and the pin for the cluster on the other. You then need to make 1 wire 18" long with a pin on one end for the wire stalk and a round terminal end.

Connect the 3 wires to the appropriate terminals, and the 4th goes from the stalk to a ground screw behind the cluster.

Make a wire 10 Feet long with a cluster terminal on one end. Place it in the appropriate pin #26 on the green cluster connector. Feed it through the firewall towards the front left lower grill. This is where the temparature sensor goes. Cut the wire to the correct length and attach it to Pin 1 of the connector for the temperature sensor. Make a wire and connect it from Pin 2 to a ground under the battery.

Reverse the assempbly procedures. Power up and code with the appropriate procedures for your year of vehicle.

All of the functions for mesurement are based on the country code that you select when in your basic programming. There is a 5 digit code that sets the basic program of the cluster.

Example 07232

The first 2 digits tell the cluster what options you have. IE- brake pad inticator, Low coolant, Etc.
The 3rd Digit is the Country Code.

1 - ECE
2 - USA
3 - Canada
4 - UK
5 - Saudi Arabia

The 4th Digit is for Service Interval, we in the US don't have one so it is set to 3.

the 5th digit is for the pulse constant for the speedometer. This is set depending on what engine/Transmission combination you have.

The County Code's do the following.

1 - ECE: 24-Hour Time, Milage in KM, Fuel in Liters, Outside temparate in Cel. , No buzzer when door is and keys are in ignition, Default Language is German.

2 - USA: 12 Hour time, Milage in Miles, Fuel in US Gallons, Outside Temparature in F. , Open Door Buzzer, Default Language is English.

3 - Canada: 12 Hour Time, Milage in KM, Fuel in Liters, Outside temp in C Default Language is English.

4 - UK: 24 Hour Time, Milage in Miles. Fule in IMPERIAL Gallons, Outside temp in C. Language is English.

5 - SA: Not Idea... Didn't try it.

You can also go into one of the configuration channels and change the language to suit your needs.

You can also do an adaptation on the Fuel guage and the MPG indicator to more closely match your cars actual.

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