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Default Having the same issue as TDI_Nate

Originally Posted by TDI_Nate_ View Post
Hi all, so for at least two and a half three months now I have been driving around in my 01 ALH Jetta with the ABS light on and Brake light flashing (beeps three times upon start up then just blinks.) I pulled a code on a Snap On Solus Edge of P1649 or 18057, Powertrain Data Bus Missing Message from ABS ECU-Intermittent. I have not scanned it with VAG-COM as I don't have it and I don't know anybody close enough to me to just do it quickly that does have it. When it started it was very hit or miss, in fact it would turn the light off and on while driving and the brake light would beep on and off. Not until about a month ago has it been solid on from immediate start up. Even now though when it rains it beeps consistently, the lights don't go off, but it's almost as if it had connection quick and lost it before the lights went out. So it was very intermittent but not anymore, except when it rains apparently. I've read that the ABS modules on these cars are fragile and fail all the time if you have the right(or wrong) model module in there. I guess they short themselves or something due to constant vibration and jarring (which mine takes more than normal being on coils). But I have already called Module Masters, per recommendation on other threads here and on vwvortex on the same issue, about rebuilding it and they said that the module in my car they don't have a good record with, the mk60 or something like that, and that my $300 some dollars can't guarantee a fix. The lady on the phone was very skeptical actually that they could fix mine. So the question is what do I do? Winter is slowly approaching and I want ABS so I need to fix it. I know regardless I'm going to need to find someone with VAG-COM to bleed the ABS pump when I do fix it which I can do, but what might be the best thing to do? I've seen people on other threads saying check fuses and grounds and the physical connection to the module. Now I haven't done these yet other than the fuses as I haven't had time but I want more input hopefully(also it's a serious pain to access that thing). Like if I go to a junkyard and pull a whole ABS pump and module as long as it's the same would that work? And would I need to get one from a non-traction control car seeming as my Jetta doesn't have it? Also I should mention the brakes feel fine, fronts are GTI swapped and rears are GLI vented swapped with all associated hardware. If anything they might be a little more grabby but I think that's because there are bigger brakes on it.
So I was doing some research on the same issue and I came across this website. Seems like it's a pretty common issue on these cars:

If you happen to get to it before I do please post here what it cost and how long it took and that it fixed the issue.

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