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Default St. Louis Is Finalizing A Proposal for TDIFest 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the next evolutionary step in the manifestation of TDI Fest being held in St. Louis, Missouri USA Labor Day Weeked 2014.

VeeDubTDI has gone over arrangements with a promising hotel venue that seems to hit all the usual notes and requirements of what has become expected of TDI Fest. He is the man. He will definately be elemental to the execution of operations. (So competance is assured, it's not just some fest rookie running it by himself. )

To lightly summarize those traditional requirements again:

Rooms about $100-ish per night.

A Banquet at about $40-ish

A Breakfast.

Guest Speakers (including oilhammer )

Vendor Stands

A Vendor auction

A Car Show


The hotel should have electricity in the parking lot for us, is in a good area, is just 3 minutes of a major highway intersection, and within 12 minutes of 4 interstates. Adjacent to the parking lot is a quality, 24-hour diesel station, with 5% bio content or less and a nickle discount for cash customers.

OH, and the whole place is undergoing a major renovation right now due for completion just a few weeks prior to our stay!

I will be doing my best to be your St. Louis guide. If you need or want to find particular points of interest, must-sees and must-trys, shopping, etc, I am confident I can give you decent info and directions off the top of my head.

My primary interest is to enjoy directing the "local flair" property of this TDI Fest here in my hometown, and I'm working on an activity scheme I hope to be fun, relaxing, interesting, and unique.

It combines my fondness for cars and driving them, exploring, very friendly and classy competition, photography, and generally sampling life a little. This activity is completely extra curricular to all the other Fest activites, and you can participate only as much as you care to. There will be enough material to probably fill your whole weekend, and to "see it all" would entail a LOT of driving. I leave it up you to take or leave as much as you want. BUT, to compete there ARE rules and requirerments. Don't worry, nothing major.

Hopefully you are curious now, so here is the general idea of my special activity. I think of it as a live-action Picture Scavenger Hunt Game. Yes, that's right, I want to run a broadway production of that silly thread, bring it to TDI Fest and have real people compete simultaneously. It's a self-administered tour adventure, road rallye and photo contest all rolled into one!

Here would be the requirements:

1. You have to use a TDI of course

2. Each car must have at least 2 people in it, so teams so to speak. 3 or 4 would be allowed too.

3. You have to submit your pictures electronically via a removable memory card by a deadline.

4. Your TDI and the photographic objective must be in the picture to score.

That's pretty much for rules, so allow to me touch on the parameters:

There will be 3 packets, each with a list of photography targets and rudimentary directions to each. The objective is to collect photos of your TDI with the target for points. Each packet will be for a designated area set, which will be known as "Urban", "Countryside", and the "Mile Monster." (The Mile Monster is basically a second countryside in a whole 'nother area with more miles and less targets that are weighted with more points.) Point is, YOU get to choose which sector set style you prefer, and if you are willing, can do 2 or even all three of them.

You play this game at your own pace. There will notes of interest about and near the photography objectives and you can choose when and how much time you want to enjoy them. You can be competitive or casual, and choose what items interest you. While there will be directions to keep you from being lost, the order in which you pursue the objectives is your perrogative.

I think I should stop here for now, maybe wait to see if anyone wants clarifications at this point?

Other ideas I have (subject to crew approval and such) include:

A MPG contest! With a diesel station in the parking lot, we could top the tanks, run a specifically prescribed and tested 100-mile course (complete with check-up-on-you-points) and see WHO can run it on the LEAST fuel.

Also I would like to get a nice photo of the cars (shot from an overpass) driving on the motorway underneath in a big block configuration, for something I'm calling "TDI Takeover" know just as a stunt shot keepsake. Someone bring a real high quality camera, please!

So back to business, please vote in the above poll if applicable in addition to any comments or questions.


In the other threads several folks have PM'd me or expressed interest in being part of the operation crew. If you still want in on that PLEASE send me a fresh new PM titled "STLFest14 Crew" to help me not overlook anyone. I will go through my many pms as best I can, SO that I can PM you all an invitation to a first assembly meeting and discussion, I'm thinking at a modest restaurant dutch treat after the holidays.


If you are super anxious to stake your claim at this event feel free to PM me your interest with title "Vendor: (name of vendor here)"

So that about sums it up for now, but one final warning now: St. Louis summers can be, well, HOT and HUMID. Taint so bad sence we got that thar air condishenin most places.....however, St. Louis weather is a real lottery. Nice weather often crops up whenever it wants and isn't expected. As it was SO hot labor day this year, I'm thinking our odds are good! Here you just plan forth anyway and cross your fingers, or else we'd never plan anything.


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