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Update # 1
Everything from a conversion perspective is running just fine for the most part. I will, however, suggest this much thus far:

Use a pre-screen filter prior to the fuel filter that you have for WVO. I found a small piece of fiberglass resin covering my 1/4 fuel line which was enough to halt the system. I resolved this by combining (bolting together) 2 dollar store (kitchen) sink screens back to back like a disco ball and cutting a small hole in one end where I rammed the fuel line into. This is the 'first contact' of WVO to the system and, by design, prevents any flakes of anything covering the 1/4 inch fuel line. I can forward a pic to anyone that wishes to see it.

Issue # 1: Fuel Pump Failure

I was rather disappointed as I bought a higher-end fuel pump for this project thinking that with it being a 'solid state' pump it would come with more reliability. It claims to run between 9 - 11.5 psi which is ideal for this project. I bought it at Princess Auto. For one reason or another it simply failed yesterday. I have no idea why. Perhaps a one-off? Not sure. I installed a new one today and she's running fine. Here's a link to the specific pump that I've using:

Issue # 2: WVO Fuel Tank Leak

I think this might reiterate my original point earlier in this forum on my suggestion to use a metal tank. It seems a smaller access hole/gasket system I made was 'too' big. It's something I never use anyways as the very large 5 gallon pail gamma seal opening is awesome (see earlier photos). Minor turning of the vehicle while driving results in the WVO within the tank to slosh around. This 'sloshing' would 'hit' the top of the tank and because of the poor seal would inevitable leak out of the tank and pool up into the spare tire area before slowing leaving beautiful patterns of darkness on the driveway overnight. If you look carefully at the before picture you will see the pattern of oil that has 'sloshed' out. Anyways, below are some before and after pics on how I temporarily resolved it. This spot/hole will see the future installment of a fuel lever gauge so for the time being I'll use it as a way entertainingly to 'peer' inside the tank to check my fuel level....

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