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Originally Posted by oilhammer View Post
If it has an internal problem in the gearbox itself, draining and examining the fluid will determine that much. Manuals rarely have stuff break inside them without sending a bunch of metal particles into the fluid.
Your description does not help much, but the typical manifestations of a bad DMF on a manual car are bad vibration, especially at idle (they can almost feel like the engine has a dead cylinder), and/or bad rattles at idle, bad chatter on takeoff upon releasing the clutch pedal...often FELT in the clutch pedal, as well as difficulty changing gears or engaging a gear unless the engine is shut off.
If you are sitting still, with the engine running, transmission in neutral, is there any noise or vibration? If you press the clutch in, do you feel anything abnormal? With the clutch depressed, engine still at idle, vehicle not moving, can you engage any and all gears? Any changes when you do? When you engage a gear with the engine running but the car not moving, NOTHING inside the transmission is spinning or moving or doing anything. Because the wheels ---> output shaft ---> input shaft are all locked together. The only thing moving at that point is the flywheel itself, and the pressure plate. The disc is also not moving, as it is rigidly attached via the splines to the input shaft.
I can engage into every gear. There are no abnormal vibration when shifting into gears. At neutral when I go into gear there's nothing abnormal when the cars not moving. I'm not 100% sure that it's the transmission. All I get is a rattle in a can sound when I'm coasting in first or second gear. When I accelerate there seems to be a faint rattle but I can't say for sure because it its so faint it could just be engine noise.

Another problem that I have with the vehicle is that I get, what I feel, excess heat coming from the center console floor and vents. I told the shop I'm taking the car tomorrow about this and they said that the rattle could be a broken cat.

I've taken the car in once to Volkswagen about the excessive Heat. They told me they couldn't find anything and it was normal. Since this is the only 2015 Golf I've ever driven I went with their assessment.

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