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Default Retrofitting ACC to Mk7 TDI

In my never-ending (it would seem) quest to upgrade as many systems as possible on my car, and so I don't get lulled into treating the cruise control in my car the same as my wife's A3 that has ACC and lane assist (oh, who are we kidding; of course, it's just to mess around and figure stuff out), I've dug into retrofitting adaptive cruise control into my 2015 Mk7 Canadian Highline (SEL) GSW.

What got me started on this was the fact that my car had front radar ("Front Assist") already installed in the bumper, so maybe with some coding and the proper buttons on my steering wheel, I'd get ACC.

(Stop laughing; of course it wasn't going to be that easy).

Turns out, the "flat" radar (medium range radar - MRR) that came on my car is all-but-impossible to get working as an ACC sensor, but really early Mk7 (like 2013-2014 Euros) came with a more expensive radar (long-range radar - LRR) that is bulb-shaped (same as on my wife's A3).

Swapping in the new LRR is easy enough (two 10mm bolts; same connector), but the bigger issue is that a new ABS module is required - one that can be coded to actively control the brakes (I would assume).

And that new ABS module has a 46-pin connector, not the 38-pin connector that is in my car.
And on top of that, one can't even simply move the wires/pins from my old 38-pin connector to a new 46-pin connector (which is cheap enough - like $30), because the pins are shaped differently.

So - the list of parts now looks like this:
  • LRR (round radar) - found for $150 on eBay (component protection will need to be removed)
  • rear wheel ABS sensors (part#: WHT003864A) - ~$90ea for OEM; $15 from China)
  • ABS module (with 46pins) part # recommended to me was 3Q0 907 379 AB- similar price point of ~$150 (if you can get the wiring pigtail for the ABS module, GRAB THAT!)
  • Assuming not, a new 46-pin connector (part # 4M0 998 046) - $30
  • 20 wires have to swap over, so you need 10 repair wires - part number 000 979 046E ($7each, or if you're in Canada, $30 each (?!!?)
    Cheaper alternative here would be to just by the connector, sans repair wire; those can be had for ~$1ea - eBay.
  • Steering wheel with ACC buttons (I already had those as they came with a MFSW I'd purchased from Europe for the paddle shifters (Canadian models did not come with paddle shifters)

References: - this guy made me think this was possible; not quite enough detail, though, to allow me to realize how involved this was going to be
Ross-tech retrofit thread
(I also have a thread there - same username - where I'm asking questions figuring all of this out)

His ride: 2015 GSW SEL TDI with MIB2, Active Info Display, Adaptive Cruise retrofit
Her ride: 2016 A3 e-tron

His other ride: 2015 Giant Propel SL Di2

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