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I get your sentiment. But there's another view, too. My first show entered was in 1999 near Dallas, TX. I took first place from a guy who had been winning every year for a LONG time with his European 1989(?) GTI with 8400km (yes, 84 HUNDRED KMs). He was really pissed that the car he bought new, kept in a garage, and drove ONLY TO SHOWS lost to a much younger car despite the fact mine was daily driven and had over 45,000 miles on it. To add insult to injury, I also took "farthest traveled to show" from him. Driving up from Monterrey Mexico each year, he was accustomed to taking that award and was boasting about doing it again until I pointed out I had driven in from NM (650 miles to his 572). He went home empty handed for the first time in YEARS and was really peeved. Don't get me wrong. I really liked his car/display and asked a lot of questions. I had no expectation of winning anything.

But I also had no idea anyone could get so cranky over a car show. The tirade solidified my position that I'd never get torqued over how a show went. I enter the shows to get a great parking spot where plenty are around to "watch" the car. If I win, great. If not, so what! But I do ask judges what I could have done to improve my score. The majority of folks who've been annoyed by me placing had nice cars. But they weren't CLEAN beyond just the paint. And they certainly weren't as "used" as mine. Again, I don't care if I win. But I also don't sympathize with someone who didn't win if they didn't bring a good show.

BTW, living in NM meant my car usually looked like this the day before and the day after a show:

I'm very confident I put more work into polishing my "new" car, especially the wheel wells and engine bay, than the other guy put into driving his garaged-stored, hardly-driven beauty. I don't think my car will be as much of a head-turner next month as it once was. But, however it looks, my efforts will be shown on the tail end of a 5000-mile summer vacation including a trip back to White Sands, NM. In other words, I will be CLEANING before I show. I think it's cool that TDIFest judges take the odometer into consideration at our shows. Not sure if that'll still be the case this year. But it's all good!

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