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Sharing my Diesel Purge set-up (pics below)

1 - Jiff Peanut Butter Jar (plastic), clean of course.
2 - In-line filter
3 - Hose, about 6 feet cut in half (3 feet for each, suction and return) 5/16 inch (5/16" = 7.937 mm).
4 - Long slim threaded bolt for center support (bolt 1/8" diameter)
5 - JB Weld (Kwik works just fine)
6 - One plastic elbow (5/16 inch)
7 - Clamps as may be necessary

You can choose any size hose or fittings you desire, just be sure they can be mated to the IP hoses.

Filter attachment - Bore hole in the bottom center of the plastic jar... using sand paper rough up the area around the hole as well as around the circumference of the nipple on the in-line filter. JB Weld the filter on the bottom of the jar. The hole must be large enough to accommodate the nipple on the filter. With mine, the nipple protrudes up above the bottom of the jar.

Plastic Elbow attachment - Bore about one inch from top of the plastic jar. Prepare for JB Weld.

Hanger - Bore a hole in the center of the plastic lid. With appropriate nut and washer screwed in place on the bolt, insert the threaded end through the hole of the lid. Place a washer and nut on bolt on the inside of the lid... tighten both nuts. Use a stiff piece of wire to make an attachment that will swivel on the head of the bolt with a hook on the other end for hanging.

Now, you have a good device to hang above then engine securely as you conduct the diesel purge or doing a prime to the IP after re-sealing, etc. Do not fill above the return pipe. Also, always screw the cap down tight. Air will go in around the hole for the bolt as fuel goes down.

I've been using this home-made device for 5 or 6 years. The JB Weld shows no signs of deterioration. NO LEAKS. I do use plugs when hanging away in storage. And, I do use small gator jaw Vice Grips to crimp off the hose when connecting and disconnecting.

'84 Vanagon '02 ALH TDI engine Malone Stage 1 tune. CAT, SS 2" exhaust, E-vac system, DMF with upgrade pilot shaft, 4.57 R&P, fan assisted IC. (32 to 35+ MPGs consistently)

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