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Well the wheel shake at 60 turned out to be a bit more than just a lost wheel weight. I mean, the wheel balance doesn't get worse climbing and go away completely, at the same speed, when coasting in gear now, does it?

I stopped in to Paramedick's to see if my suspicions of a worn CV were validated, and unfortunately it was.
We pulled the right side axle and cleaned the dried grease out and saw deep galling in the inner hub (axle side). The balls looked good and there was a bit of burnishing on the outer hub (flange side). No axles were to be had by then (stores closed at 8) so I re-filled the joint with new grease, left the Sonett and dolly there, and headed up to the Dayton area where I had a room waiting.

The plan was to have an axle brought to the 'fest and I'd use the tools borrowed from Paramedick to replace it there, and to head back to "Vur sales" after the fest to retrieve the SAAB and dolly.
In Dayton I located an axle, yes, a re-man, but I checked it before paying. The stock clerk wanted to know if I was going to buy it before he took the box down from the shelf, because he didn't want to put it back if I didn't want it. I replied that I wasn't going to pay for crap parts and if he had confidence in his product he shouldn't have concerns. It look quite good, not a re-cut the hub, slap a new boot on it quickie, but had what look like new inner and outer, new race, and a proper retaining clip rather than a circlip.

So by 10 I had the old one out, by noon I had the new one in.

I'll shower up, then test drive it, return the trashed one for it's core value refund, and see if I can return the borrowed tools and get the SAAB and dolly today.
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