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This one has me stumped.
this is second winter (Canada, and very vortexed!) for this car with me, and I think it did this last year a bit, didn't do it in the heat of summer.
Is my winter car, getting use mostly November to April.
Car starts well(in unheated garage), and I leave it to warm up for 10 mins.
All is well.
However, if I need to get going sooner, or stop for more that 5 minutes at the shops, then the weirdness begins. Will provide as detailed the order of events.
Car starts up easily, but blower fan will not work. There will be a light on the dash, handbrake on I think it is, and the wipers and turn signals will not work as well. If I get moving, it will then beep, and notice reads
"handbrake on". When I continue driving, the beeping continues, and after anywhere from a mile to 5 miles or longer, the warning light goes off, wipers/ turns can work, and then a bit later, blower fan comes on. I tried turning the blower fan switch off a few times, and mostly the light went off, with blower working a minute later. Wiggled the ignition key several occasions, and tho a tad loose, never changed anything.
Never, once sorted and driving, has any of the stuff gone off....once all is running, it stays running.... till the next time I stop.
I'm thinking, with the more recent discovery of turning the fan off and having the brake light warning go off, accessories on, that maybe a relay, possibly the famed 460? ( I had an '02 golf that had a fault with the same relay, but can't recall the details of it, just that when asking around, it seemed the 460 relay was a common issue.)
The way it happens one would think that the warmth of the car/engine is a definite detail of cause, but it's been so cold, -25c for weeks, the car never gets much heat to it, nor does the engine temp gauge move much, till I get rolling a few miles. Almost seems like it's an actual thermostat switch in there.
I'm not good with a multimeter should folks point to hunting down a voltage issue, but fully capable of swapping out relays should you guys think that this is a very likely cause.
Can anyone wade in? Thanx!

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