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Originally Posted by everyman

Thanks for all this great info. I'm having what I think may be the onset of AC problems in my recently acquired '00 Beetle TDI. I'm not sure what to expect from it, but it seems pretty anemic until I get it up to freeway speed, and even then not all that great. From reading your papers I thought the fans might be a likely culprit.

I checked them a few minutes ago, and right away something seems weird. You state emphatically, and it seems to be confirmed by other's experience, that the low speed fans should come on any time the key is set to on, and the AC is turned on and the interior fan running. They aren't in my car. Just out of curiosity I tried starting on the engine, and low and behold then the fans then ran.

It appears that there are two distinct triggers for the fans. Would this indicate that one is not functioning as designed?

What was the build date for your car? You can find it on the driver's door frame. Was it after May of '99?

And do you have the standard, manual AC? (as opposed to the really fancy Climatronic?)

If you do then the fans should come on when the key is on, AC on and a cabin fan is selected. I do not think that it is a different interlock or control circuit. I suspect that one of your relays is not working until the voltage goes up from 12 or so to 14 or so after the car starts. But that is just a guess. It could also be that the fan's brushes are not making good contact and the higher voltage is needed to provide enough torque to start them rolling. Or the vibration of the running engine is letting something marginal work.

You might try giving the fans a spin by hand and see if they take off.

You might try putting a battery charger on your battery and raising the voltage to see if that makes a difference.

You might try tapping on your Fan control module (hanging under the battery), to see if that allows the relay to pick up.

If your AC is anemic until you get up to speed, then I would continue to suspect the fans are not always running when they should.

If you find out any different, please let me know. Heck, whatever you find out, let us know. I am always willing to learn.
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