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We have a brand new tradition now!

People of questionable intelligence and ethics join up and post endless speculation and complaints. Then just as soon as they lose their newbie classification they post an answer to a unsuspecting newbie that is in complete opposition to best practices as accepted here at TDIclub.

The old tradition here is to never ever tell someone something that may get them or their car or their wallet hurt by what you are telling them.
The new tradition negates this, but if it makes you feel smarter you just go for it and to hell with honesty and the TDIclub reputation of helping without harm.

The other new tradition is apparently get all self medicated and post semi-understandable rambling posts that blame the volunteers that try to keep this place running for every real or imagined slight upon your besotted self.

I almost forgot the last new tradition of editing all your posts in an attempt to make yourself look blameless for all the trouble you caused and to make it appear you are in agreement with whomever actually had the right answer in a thread.

I prefer the old ways, don't you guys?

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