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Originally Posted by ItAintRodKnock View Post
For heatattack.
Panzer plate with full metal jacket, or similar. The end. Lol

Im redoing my lift now, as i like to take realistic side trails myself. Before, i did Bilstein TCsports, and moog springs and spacers. The springs have wore out it feels like, so I'll be upgrading those.
Now, the lift with a purpouse. Id like to have more travel, no spacers. What I have seen, but not many comments, are jeep JK front springs in the front and jeep XJ front springs in the rear. I would pair those springs with bilstein HD struts, as you'll want the strength(and warranty) In My Opinion. Those give the lift withoit spacers, thus more purpouse built.
In addition, i would consider the "airshocks" in the rear, their is a ghetto mod thread explaining that, and it will keep the vehicle level with the added weight. I carry a miter saw, table saw and tons of tools for work, and love the comfort and level ride of the Monroe airshocks. (Slight modding to make these fit, id carry 2 spares incase they blow out(or maybe this isnt the best application?) easy to have them setup to just slap them in)

I dunno if gambler 500 is rally style, but id spend the extra couple hundred and upgrade to VR6/1.8t calipers/brakes.

And, if it were me, id be running Sprint520 nozzles and a rocketchip stage3 tune. Great fuel eco and perfect power, i feel like.
(Notice how opinionated my post is, and research to see if this fits your needs)

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Thanks for the input.

I have taken a step back and decided to do a little more research before I commit to anything and jump in on the modding.

The gambler 500 is an off road event where you do about 500 miles of various check points all or mostly off road. The one I am going to is in crossville Tn and will be on the management/off road area there. Think anything from being able to do the entire event on gravel roads, to what the call "the devils butthole" routes which would be capable rock crawling vehicles only. Its not high speed or rally at all. And the idea is to buy a $500 incapable car, put as little money into it as possible and push it as little or as far as you want.

Right now I have $520 bucks in the car, $500 for the car and $20 for new rear brake pads. Id like to keep my total spent under $1000 for now as I have no plans to do anything with this car but trailer it to and from off road spots and drive it on the farm.

Thats why I was trying to look for suspension mods I can do with junk yard parts from other vehicles, or fabricating myself. I have a pretty decent at home shop with basically everything but high end specialty machines, and a lift.

I have a welder, and access to plenty of free angle iron, flat metal, piping, etc through work.

But my car knowledge is lacking, specially in the suspension area. I did take 2 years of autoshop but that was 15 years ago and I haven't worked on any of my own vehicles since 2005.

more on your post. I assume the jeep springs are longer then vw stock thus giving more lift and travel? I like this because I can "pull-a-part" those easy and cheap. and not have to do the 4x2, pipe spacers on the springs.

what about the bilstein HD struts I assume these are slightly longer then stock as well? Does anyone know if there are any stock struts from another vehicle I could also "pull-a-apart" that would provide the same lift?

I know its not ideal to frankenstein everything from other vehicles but I am trying to keep my budget down as low as possible. If i ever planned to daily drive this vehicle I would consider spending the extra money, but its basically just a Go-Cart to me at this point. If I can get everything at the junk yard I can do the entire suspension myself for probably $200-250 or less. I just dont know exactly which parts to get off which vehicles as there seems to be alot of different info on that.
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