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Originally Posted by dirtysouthjacket View Post
I've been slowly bookmarking threads over the past two years of owning my MKVI Jetta Sedan. I'm pretty forgetful and got sick of searching for threads over and over. Surprisingly, there still isn't a real FAQ thread specific to the MKVI Jetta Sedan.

So here are all the links that I've been hoarding in a spreadsheet.

1. I wanted links to be as specific to the Jetta Sedan as possible, in some cases there are links that are for other platforms, but still apply.
2. I tried to use TDIClub links as much possible.
3. None of these are in any sort of order.
4. Some of the links are pretty old, if you have better ones please let me know.

Basic Info for TDI Newbies
How To Search TDIClub
How to Post Pictures
TDI Guru List By State

General Info for MKVI Jetta Sedan
2011-2015 MKVI Jetta Sedan Info
VW's CR (Common Rail) Self Study Guide (OEM Info On Your Engine) - This link is actually pretty interesting...
CR Injector Info
Used MKVI Jetta Buying Guide (What to Look For) - Don't think I've seen one of these yet...
My Glow Plug Light is Flashing, What does it mean?
How To Reset Your MFD Service Icon (Wrench)
Reset TMPS Icon - For the record, not a true TPMS sensor, actually just uses ABS sensors to detect tire pressure
All MKVI Fuse Diagram - Updated thanks to "CDN TDI", Please Notify if yours is different
1,000 Miles on a Tank

Major Known Issues
Winter Icing - Hard Start - Water in Intercooler - etc
HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) Failure FAQ
Jerky DSG
Turbo Failures - No specific link yet
Cracked DPF - Also no good link yet
I'm wondering if there is a new hosted fuse diagram? Link is dead now and seems like ALL the Google searches keep bring you do that "sign up for free access" but I'm not giving CC info to some foreign hosting survey for a "free" service. :-|
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