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Clarification (not intended to highjack the Thread, but I have received a few PMs)

14a/10 does go to the Load Reduction Relay. However, it also goes on to D75 in the ignition switch. On the way, it goes through Fuse 37 and Splice A80. Splice A80 is where it branches off to the Load Reduction Relay.

In summary, current goes from D75 in the ignition switch, to Splice A80. There it branches into two circuits. One goes directly to the Load Reduction Relay and the other goes to Fuse 37, then to connector 14a/10 and on to pin 121/88 of the ECU. That circuit is only hot when the Ignition is ON. In the start mode, that circuit is dead at both the Load Reduction Relay and Pin 121/88 at the ECU.

I suppose the function of Pin 121/88 can be determined by removing Fuse 37 and see what happens. Apparently there is a need for it to be fused.

I did include the circuit from D75 to Pin 121/88 of the ECU in my applicaton with the use of Fuse 37. From the Donor vehicle, there is no need to use the Load Reduction Relay if you use the receipient vehicle ignition system which already contains that relay.

EDIT: The Clutch switch is not necessary. However, the circuit needs to be completed for the Cruise to work. Right now, I have mine wired directly by-passing the switch because it needs adjusted to be instant. When the clutch pedal is depressed, if the switch doesn't instantly disable the Cruise, RPMs will go up extremely fast .........
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