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Default New Spice Red 04 TDI Wagon

2004 Spice Red Volkswagen Jetta GL TDI 1.9L Turbo Diesel Wagon, BEW engine

*Purchased NEW at Gebhardt Automotive in Boulder, CO on 04/29/2004 with 312 miles
on the odometer.
*BG Recall was completed and Radio/CD player was replaced under warrantee at
10,417 miles on 09/30/2004 by McNevin VW Dealer in Berkeley, CA.
*EGR Cooler Valve recall (M6) was performed at 56,728 miles on 09/14/2006 by
Broadway Volkswagen in Oakland, CA
*Brake Light Switch Recall (N4) was performed at 63,107 miles on 05/02/2007 by
Broadway Volkswagen in Oakland, CA
*Flushed Hydraulic System with Super Blue on 09/2007 Clutch, LF, RF, LR, RR
*Timing Belt water pump, timing belt tensioner, tensioner roller, and accessory belt was changed at 83,951 miles on 08/13/2008 in CA.
*Glow plug recall (R8) was done at Morong Falmouth VW Dealer in Falmouth ME on
08/06/2009. ECM software was updated per VW Guidelines.
*Oil Pan was replaced with steel insert at 92,376 miles on 12/03/2008
*Windshield replaced 11/10/2009 (several rock chips and a 4” crack from one hit the
lower edge of the windshield).
*110,944 EGR leaks confirmed. Diesel Geek EGR Delete kit installed at 111,012 miles on
*Parts replaced on 02/01/2010 @ 111,693: (1) Alternator, (2) Left front ABS and Brake
pad wear sensor wire harness, and (3) ABS Speed Sensor. Codes Cleared.
*RocketChip Stage I+ 2/12/2010 ECU w/ EGR Delete
*Replaced brake pads (front & rear) on xx/xx/2010 at XXX miles.
*Replaced LF wheel hub assembly, wheel bearing, and ball joint on 09/03/2010 at
120,704 miles.
*Bilstein struts and shocks installed with all new mounts and bushings (Replaced RF ball
joint) on 10.07.2010 at 122,387 miles
*Thrust alignment performed on 10/11/2010 at 122,434 miles
*Timing Belt Replaced on 2/4/2013 @ 156,221 miles; Frost Heater installed. Skid plate
installed. Walker VW, Barre, Valve
*Replaced brake pads and rotors (front & rear) on 03/13/2013 at 158,082 miles at The
Source Berlin VT
*NGK 7v Glow plugs installed @180,056
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Car sold to AM
*New rear pads and rotors. ID parts. @182k 10/2015
*Brakes bled LF, RF, LR, RR with ATE fluid @ 182k
*New parking brake cables (heavy duty) @ 186k
*New signal stalk, front right ABS sensor, headlight bulbs, Dieselgeek short shift kit, first
gear getter and radio repairs @196k
*New rotors and pads, front and rear (weak pedal and very rusted old rotors). ECS
Geomet and Hawk pads, new rear slides, Tyrolsport brake stiffeners on front @201k
*New DMF Clutch kit, Rear Main Seal, Slave cylinder, Transmission oil, Coolant, L and R
CV joint/axles, L and R ball joints at Shaftsbury Auto @203k, 12/12/16
*Turbo replaced with Borg-Warner S7 v.2 from Kerma TDI, new braided steel flexible oil
supply line. Chris at Kerma TDI Ext. 117, labor at Eurozone Motors @ 206k, 2/2017
*Valve cover gasket replaced. New Viton seals on boost pipes in engine bay, boost collar
at intake manifold. EGR valve cleaned @207k miles, 3/2017
*New set of Continental PureContact 2 tires. @207,800, 3/2017. Road Hazard from Tire
Rack, Reference Number(s): 440013310601, 440013310602, 440013310603,
*New pierburg tandem pump, new oil dipstick tube, new turbo oil return line gasket
@215k 8/2017
*South Bend Stage 2 daily clutch, 22lb SMF, new rear crankshaft seal, bolts, etc. New
OEM cam with lifters, bearings, etc., new valve cover w/ gasket, replaced oil cooler
gasket, tandem pump gasket, 3 bar MAP sensor, Kerma TDI tune, new shocks+struts,
alignment, tires rotated. @216,500mi 9/2017 Left Lane Cars, NJ and Walt’s, VT
*RCN-210 radio installed 5/2018
*Front left wheel bearing (whole spindle) replaced, radium catch can installed 6/2018
*Brakes bled 4/2019

235-238K timing belt due

All oil changes performed with oil that meets 505.01 specifications at 10,000mi service interval.
4,900 miles on 07/07/2004.
10,564 10/5/2004
20,080 + changed fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter 4/01/05
40,008 + Changed air filter, fuel filter
48,511 06/24/06
58,000 + Changed fuel filter 11/2006
65,000 + Changed fuel filter cleaned air filter 6/2007
74,400 + Changed fuel filter cabin filter 11/28/2007
82,630 08/02/08
84,100 Fuel filter only changed
92,370 + oil pan 12/3/2008
102,180 + fuel filter
110,944 changed fuel filter
111,400 + air filter and cabin filter (Air filter very dirty) 01/11/2010
122,434 mi
138,200 on 10/22/2011 Changed oil/oil filter/ fuel filter and bled brakes
149,518 on 8/20/12 + air filter/cabin filter and headlight lenses
159,219 on 04/19/13 changed oil/oil filter
168,129 mi
176,453 + fuel filter, air filter
194,500 + fuel filter
196,200 only air filter and cabin filter (both dirty) 8/2016
202,800 oil/filter, + fuel filter 12/2016
206,900 oil/filter + air filter 2/2017
215,500 oil/filter//fuel filter/air filter 8/2017
216,500 oil flushed twice for new cam 9/2017
221, 450 oil change w/ filter and air filter 11/2017
228,0000 air filter and cabin filter replaced 6/2018
230,500 oil and filter change 9/2018

Car sold to Eli*********

236,000 oil filter (Mann), oil change (Pentosin 5w40 Syn 505.1), fuel filter (Mann), new oil cooler seals top/bottom 5/2019
Fixed charge piping to intercooler that was not seated properly 5/2019
237,000 replaced both front headlight bulbs with correct 9007 basic bulbs, replaced fender turns with smoked lenses DEPO, replaced bumper cover turns with smoked lenses DEPO, replaced dimmer switch OEM VW, replaced entire headlight/wiper stalk assembly with OEM VW, replaced battery holder bracket with clean OEM VW replacement, replaced upper front strut cap covers OEM VW, replaced steering wheel/airbag with OEM VW leather MK4 GTI 3 spoke steering wheel, replaced shift knob and boot with new aftermarket, corrected backward installed license plate light assembly 5/2019
236,300 replaced LF/RF wheel bearings with FAG bearings (hubs were still practically new did not replace), all new control arms/bushings LF/RF, ball joints LF/RF, and complete tie rod assemblies inner/outer with new boots LF/RF with LEMFÖRDER parts from FCP Euro. All torqued to VW specs 5/2019

Fresh alignment 5/2019

Installed 04 Beetele convertible wheels with Goodyear tires 6/2019

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