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These "judged" TDIFest events are more of a 'judge's choice' and far more informal than a show only event. In addition most TDI at these would be in the 'stock' classification. These fest shows just aren't big enough to have separate stock, modified, and radical classes.
In 'stock' there isn't much modification about which to boast, and modifications would be a point deduction in a more traditional show's stock class anyway.
In other, more hard-core car shows, touching the vehicle is forbidden. The last thing a judge needs is an exhibitor complaining about damage due to a judge poking or prodding something. If you as an exhibitor want to show the cleanliness of your undercarriage you pulled a wheel or set up mirrors. If your car is so slammed that the inner fender can't be seen, then the judges can't judge it and you receive zero points (or take the maximum point deduction). If your hood is down to show the ghost flame paint, the engine bay can't be seen and zero points for engine is that score. If the hood is all the way up to show the engine, then the front paint edge can't be judged and the hood gets zero points. Did you ever wonder why all the cabriolet roofs were left half open? Shows the roof AND that it can open.

As far as personal entertainment goes (whether it's the music I like, or if it's that crap that you prefer): NO! If you can hear my music in your assigned space, my music is too loud. Ask me to turn it down. I'll do the same if I can hear yours in my spot.
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