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Tomo, The additions you described would be a deduction if the car were entered in a 'stock' class, but how much of a deduction? How well prepared are the other 'stock' entries?
If you're concerned about competing against other 100%, just-rolled-in-from-the-dealer entry, maybe 'modified' class would have your placing higher in that class if the other personalizations on other 'modifieds' weren't done as well, or maybe the 'radical' class would be where your car could be the best.
See? YOU choose your competition. If you choose first, entering the arena early, you could just as well be the dissuader to have others consider a class other than the one you've chosen so that THEY don't have to compete directly against you in your selected class.

Odometer numbers (miles or KM) are not presently a factor in judged scoring this year as we are introducing a special, and separate, award this year, specifically celebrating the many facets that are indicative of longevity. This award takes into account several things related to determining the appropriate recipient from among the entries into the show. Even if you don't think your car is in "show" condition, or you don't want to spend the morning cleaning it, bring it in, enter it in all its well used glory, and show those 'trailer queens' what a REAL car is meant to do!
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