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Talking Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped out this weekend. We really could not have done it without you. Fest is a huge undertaking that requires lots and lots of people to make it run smoothly.

I would like to recognize some of the people who gave us lots of their time and effort this weekend.

  • Extra-huge thanks to the Monsters, Amy and Tom. They both took on many jobs and also helped us remember how we've done things in the past so we didn't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Colin (cfc1086?)-Thank you, thank you, thank you for jumping into Fest feet-first as our raffle master and auctioneer. You did a great job at both; I hope you had fun doing it, too.
  • Brian (vwUMO)-Thank you for being our local help and putting together a very interesting photo scavenger hunt that helped everyone see the beautiful and interesting sights. Also, thank you for jumping in to play MC for the auction and part of the meet & greet. I'm glad you finally made it to a Fest and I hope this won't be your last.
  • Cindy & Jeff (Campbellonh)-Thank you for helping out very enthusiastically in the event suite every day.
  • Mark (BeetleGo[ne])-Thank you for hanging out in the event suite and being up for whatever we asked you to do.
  • Eric (Tooef)-Thank you for putting together all the slideshows and helping make the auction run smoothly, in addition to helping out where and whenever else you were needed. And for researching and writing the trivia questions-you are the perfect person for that task!
  • Jonathan (Lug_Nut)-Thanks for running trivia again this year, and being available to help out in a variety of little ways throughout the weekend.
  • Matt (Car54)-Thank you for bringing, setting up, and running the AV equipment for the tech sessions.
  • Mark (Abacus) and Ed (W386)-Thanks for helping out moving and setting up stuff.
  • Emilie (Batdax)-Thank you for filling in where and whenever you were asked. I hope we didn't turn you off from Fest forever.
  • Nicole (onlyinabeetle) and David, Bubba, Glen Norris, Paul (1854 Sailor) and others-Thank you for helping us get everything packed and loaded this morning. Thanks to you all, it went much faster than usual.
And, of course, the rest of the planning committee who also took on many on-site jobs (too numerous to list):
  • Drew (GeekDrew) for handling registration and a million other things that are hardly noticed as long as they keep working (which you do brilliantly).
  • Lawson (VeeDubTDI) for handling the venue, coordinating donations, and basically making the whole thing go. And for storing and bringing most of the stuff we need to make this happen.
  • Jason (compu85) for handling tech stuff of all sorts, teaching tech sessions, and a million other little things.
  • Peter (PeterV) and Julie (hamsterdiesel) for making the very cool pins, welcoming everyone to the meet & greet, helping out at the auction, getting the awards, and far more other odd jobs than I can possibly think of.
  • Fred (VWDerf) for having this board and making Fest possible, and many other things.
So many people helped out that I'm sure I am forgetting someone. I apologize if that is the case. Everyone's help was much appreciated and I hope you all had a good time in the process.
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