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Actually the pressure plate failed. One of the flat srings somehow sheared(?) and machined a nice hole through the case of my hard won DRW. Now I can inspect the diff without takng the transmission apart. I dont even need a light. Very odd as it made no sound or any indication that the evil aluminum machining gnomes were at work. At any rate. I have to decide if I am going to weld it shut, (lots of welding) buy a new bell housing (ouch!) or perhaps a used one. Or.......perhaps find an american 6 speed and swap internals (what a drag!). This however would be a good time for an LSD. If I could afford it. Oy!

The supplier who sold me the clutch just sent me another one. With any luck, this one is good. BUt my transmission......what to do what to do.......

By the way, thanks guys for towing me back. That would have been REALLY pricey and would have taken much longer had you not helped me out. Driving from Mtl to Ottawa and back, only t drive south of Boston was wayyyyyyy out of your way. MUCH appreciated.

I'm glad the car stopped running. Otherwise there would be no hope of saving the trans at all. By the by, what happened was I was driving around aimlessly and decided to go back to the hotel about 2:00 a.m. monday. I stopped at a fuel station to pick up a drink my wife asked for and came out. The car went "clunk" when starting. It drove in fine. No noise, no drama. I got it to turn over a couple of time after I removed the injectors(more on that later). I then put it together and 'clunk"! ?????? That was around 3:30 a.m.. I then called Lai who called Tom who came with tools. (how did I get the injectors out without tools? MUahahahahahahah!)

I then took off the cam cover to inspect what I thought may be carnage. Nope. Just fine. fortunately the engine was near tdc. I line up the marks and all was well. Hmmmmmmm. Then I turned the engine by hand again (it only goes 90 degrees). I heard scraping in the bell housing. I decided that I could not fix it propery in Mtl and still get back before tuesday, so I elected to tow it home. Fortunately, a couple of extremely kind club members lent me aid in that respect.

Now, why did I remove the injectors? For three weeks, it has been intermittently starting as if it were running on pooled diesel or engine oil. It would start and run rough and uncontrolled for several seconds and smooth out. Once a day or 5 times a day. Never know. I didnt have time to deal with it as I was under the gun already so I ignored it till later. Later came when I went to my Bosch shop for some parts and the car was smokey (whitish) at idle and puffed heavy on takeoff but was fine driving. It never did this before and as I almost never drive in daylight for long (no vampire jokes), I wouldnt have noticed anyway. I reasoned that the injectors could be streaming.

I ran some diesel purge through it and by the end of the can, the car smoked very little. I drove it and it was much better. In fact, I got black smoke now. I suspect it was lean for a long time. This is why I removed the injectors. The weird startup came back in Mtl. 3 times (different). The last time was when I started at the fuel station. It did the weird startup ( way longer than it ever did (2 minutes))and I decided this time to press the accelerator to clear it. It stalled and would not restart. I thought it was fuel lock.

After the original fuel system clean, I then installed the 6 speed. Except for a few parts snafus, it went ok.....till that fateful monday morning........

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