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I've pretty much got it all figured out and have stripped the harness. The Bentley lists some connectors that didn't really make sense but I have been able to trace each and confirm their function other then a few wires.

can anyone confirm this information for me

pin 24 In Bentley it leads to t10 white pin 10, but I cant find its function. the alh pinout sticky doesn't list anything for it and the other pinout I found lists it as the check engine light?

pin 47 in Bentley leads to t10 white pin 9 cant find the function

pin 66 in Bentley leads to t10 white pin 4 cant find the function, alh sticky has nothing

pin 80 in Bentley leads to t10 white pin 7 cant find function, alh sticky has nothing

Beyond that are all the outputs from the ecu for relays a negative trigger? for example on glowplugs I would just tie the signal wire into a bulb on my cluster (negative trigger)?

i found the cluster pinout for the malfunction indicator light, it looks like this just ties into the k line from the obd2 port. when the ecu detects an error does it just throw a ground on this wire to trigger the bulb or is there a dedicated pin for the mil (pin24)?

I'm also playing with the idea of swapping a golf/jetta cluster into my Tacoma. Does the data display on the cluster use the k line for information or the canbus wires or both?

I'm also thinking of possibly hooking up cruise control. ive identified each wire from the ecu that's necessary but i cant find the function for each wire. it looks like there is a few wires that go into the switch and 1 wire for the button, as well as the vss, clutch and brake wires that would be needed.
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