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Originally Posted by FlyingFin View Post
I did mine a few years ago on an A4 Avant and it took about an hour per side to change each bush, with air tools to cut through the ali bush casing, then wound it back in with threaded rod, oversized sockets and washers.

Lots of copperslip used to assist new bearing into place.

One thing you MUST NOT DO is tighten the bushes up until the wheels are back on the car, lowered to the ground and the car is supporting its own weight.

If you tighten them before it is supporting its full weight, you will tear the inner bearing material from its casing in as little as a few weeks as they will be subjected to a twisting force as the car is lowered to the ground, and this will only be compounded if the car is loaded heavily or driven on undulating roads...
Good advice here thank you. Did you do this with the beam on the car?

Originally Posted by Stromaluski View Post
I would actually recommend pulling the rear beam. Since you're replacing the springs/shocks anyway, the only things holding the rear beam in the car would be the brake lines and e-brake cables.

It will be WAY easier to simply re-bleed the rear brakes than it will be to try to do everything with the beam in the car.

It will also give you an excuse to flush most of your brake fluid (unless you want to do the front brakes, too, then it will be all of your brake fluid). When's the last time that was done?
Brake fluid was done probably 2 years ago. It's due. Only issue is I am working solo. I don't have any help and have to use the pump and bleed method.

I guess I'll have to decide that when I get to that point.
I'm going to check out a couple write ups and videos today and asses if it's doable in 1 day for me. I might try to give myself a full weekend for peace of mind.

Edit: I've been watching a few videos, I think I'm going to pick up a cheap mighty vac and just pull the lines...seems a lot easier than crawling around on the ground to do all of this. I have horrible knees as it is

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