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Originally Posted by NSTDI View Post
I will quote in Canadian MPG, 30 MPG converts to about 10L/100KM. These are average fuel economy numbers for mixed driving, except as noted. I am anal about recording fuel consumption and these numbers are actual.

My 2003 Passat 1.8L driven hard gave about 30-32 MPG with manual.
My Dad's 1982 Olds 98 4 door automatic 5.0L driven at 65MPH on the highway gave better than 30 MPG.
My 98 Beetle manual TDI gave better than 50MPG driven hard.
My 87 Dakota 4WD auto, 18 MPG. 3.9L V6 with a Holley 2 barrel.
2002 Tacoma 4WD 3.4L FI V6 manual, about 21 MPG on a good day.
84 Camry 4 cyl manual, 46 mpg highway (worst car I ever owned).
75 Nova 5.7L auto, 25 MPG highway, city a whole lot less. Bought it new.

Computerized FI is much more efficient than a carb 9 times out of 10. What amazes me is how little the fuel economy has improved over the 75 Nova, 82 Olds, 84 Camry, and 87 Dakota with the new fuel systems, better transmissions, etc.

As to how long a turbo small displacement motor will last, those 1.8L VW's ran forever without major issues. My 2003 was chipped and I drove the crap out of it.

Ford's turbo V6 in trucks is relatively new, it will be interesting to see how it stands up over time. Fuel economy wise they are much better on fuel than a V8, until you get into the boost. When towing, the fuel economy gets cut in half.

I think the next big change possible is a major improvement in batteries will get us into all electric cars. Electric motors are proven technology, lots of torque, last forever, low maintenance, zero emissions, no sensors, no exhaust, no turbo, no transmission. Check out electric car drag racing.

The weak link is the batteries- if a new battery is developed that is half the weight, has a range comparable to a gas car, say 600KM's or 400 miles, and a quick charge or changeout (like say trading your propane BBQ tank).

New gas or diesel small cars will go the way of the dodo. It could be in the next 5-20 years?

I will not even consider electric cars until they can meet this hurdle -
300 Mile range, no more than 30 minute zero to full charge (30 minute DIY full replace of battery pack would be acceptable - as long as it is generally available on the road). A total dismantlement of the TSA so flying is again more convient would be acceptable as well.

I'm not even all that fond of hybrid vehicles. But with the ICE giving the said 300+ mile range and refill requirements, at least they are more acceptable than pure electric.
2000 Red NB TDI, 350,000+ miles
Now 5 speed manual and onto 500,000 miles + !
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