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Originally Posted by Pat Dolan View Post
I would want to see someone run a well known mix for many miles in any particular (all mechanical) engine and see a teardown for deposit characteristics before trying it in the very same engine (may 486's Ford/IHC IDI could be a test mule).

Of course, for literally junkyard engines, what have you got to loose? .... just as long as you tear down and report to us.
motor that came with the $650 truck (at about 250k miles) got pulled out about 4 years and 2k miles later, it had been bubbling out the rad pretty good for the entire time I owned it, assumed it was head gasket. Cylinder wall was eaten through as these do. All 8 were sleeved and it was the worst rebuild I'd ever seen with the main bores beat like it'd been slung around with a chain through them. The problem cylinder had rust pitting in it so bad it's a wonder the piston rings hadn't caught on it.

The motor I put in, (a $600 craigslist deal) also seems to push coolant. It also hydrolocks itself if it stops at the right spot. rofl
I've given up on 7.3s, I'm halfway looking for a 6.9 as they don't have cylinder wall issues, but they're all long scrapped around here.

So yeah, your "literally junkyard engines" quip is understating the garbage that I drive. c:

ETA: oh right, on the buildup in the exhaust, is it coke?
I'd bet that would be more a problem on constant load stuff than an automotive engine where it can see periodic loading well beyond what you'd see on an industrial engine. My TDI sees the pyro pegged pretty often, and the truck is naturally aspirated (but showed no signs of any buildup in the exhaust manifolds) but the pyro on that's been broken long enough that I don't remember whereabout it ran.

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