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Originally Posted by Mongler98 View Post
When fully assembled, the axle (should) be fully seated. Had a few instances where the axle was not seated into the snap ring and it was nearly impossible to assemble the lower control arm to the hub.
What it sounds to me is that you dropped one or more balls from the inner joint.
Rearguardless of what happened, Yes, i would strongly advise you to remove the entire axle and inspect the condition of the inner CV and the transaxle's receiving end for the axle shaft. Its hard to tell whats going on as to why. Besides you would have to remove it to service the inner properly.
What part did you get and where did you get it from. Possible that its not the correct shaft. It would not be the first time that a CV axle was not properly assembled from autocrap store manufacturers.
Got it from its a GKN outer joint not and entire axle shaft (its still all oem just replaced the outer on drivers side). All seemed to be well with the outer, it wasn't seated on the axle end all the way the first time and i realised when I pulled on it and slipped right off. Second time I hit it with a hammer and I checked to make sure it was all the way upagainst the concave washer and thrust ring, yanked on it a few times to make sure it was fully seated. When re-assembling I noticed the inner had a bit more play than when I started the job like in/out towards me (towards outside of the car and in towards the trans) I didn't really think much of it.

I thought it was not really possible to remove one of the ball bearings without pushing the race as far as possible to one side and pulling the ball out. I didn't see any balls drop out from the inner (boot is torn so I was able to see in) unless its possible for it to fall inward . I also didn't have much issue putting the outer end back into the hub when i was done so if the inner popped out of the transmission it couldn't have been all the way only a little. I saw other videos online where people are able to turn the axle to line up the splines and tap it back into the trans.
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