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Left Saturday morning for THMalloy in Cumerland, RI for B99 biodiesel, but I didn't have my usual 55 gallon drum trailer this time.

I was delayed there by another TDI owner also buying fuel. Good thing we chatted! While comparing coolant fan operation when the A/C was on I opened my hood to see the oil fill cap on the fuel pump! I had loosened it Friday evening thinking that I'd top off the oil, but the oil level was OK.

Got to Asheville, NC where at 3 AM some sleepy (under-the-influence?) driver that had just passed me spun into the guide rail about 100 yards ahead of me. No serious damage was apparent, just a big skid mark. Yes, I bet both types of skid marks! His rear bumper was pretty well scuffed but didn't look to be torn or dislodged as he took off. I had to get off my brakes and back on the fuel because of traffic behind me when I heard a big 'POP'. At first I though I had run over something that the crasher had left in the road, but it was the turbo connection at the outlet of the 'pancake' pipe that had come unclipped.
I pulled over, got out the tools I had brought, and was under the car when an ambulance pulled up. Apparently another driver had called in the spin accident, and by now I'm the only one left at the scene. I'm OK, I explained the accident and that everyone else had left, so the ambulance left. Then Mayberry's finest pulled up and I explained it again.
The Asheville B99.9 station opened at 8 so I had time for a quick nap before they opened and I could fill up.

I continued down and called home from somewhere around Birmingham to check on the weather in New Orleans and it wasn't looking good! So I cranked up the speedo to 80+ MPH to get here as quickly as I thought I could. I burned more fuel, but the early arrival tonight means I can get an early start tomorrow and hopefully get on the road in the afternoon rather than in the rain and wind on Tuesday. I'll not head further south to a biodiesel station even closer to the gulf, but will just head straight north and get what I can where I can.

The early departure from New Orleans may put me in Ypsilanti a day early, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?
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