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ARG, not again. So sorry for your loss. FYI never let anyone work on your car but yourself or a licensed and insured mechanic company. This would have been covered if some legit shop did this.

For fun, you can pull the head and see what’s going on.

You must remove the intake to clean. I also cleaned my head when it was on the car. Here is what I did in a nut shell. I took the valve cover off and made sure that the runner I was working had the valve closed and on the base circle of the cam. I took various plastic picks, plastic spoons carved to thin profiles and some nylon brushes, and I had my automotive fluid sucker running and a can of carb and brake cleaner. I would scrape and pick and what not and then as I was sucking I would also spray a tiny bit into the runner to clean it out as it was getting sucked up. There is enough room to get your face down at eye level an out of the cover of your eye and with a mirror I could do all of them. I cranked the engine over by hand a few times to make sure that there was no fluid hydro locking it and to expel any fluids that made it past the valves out the glow plug holes. It worked REALLY well, you can’t get into the swirled snail shell part but it got just about all of it. Took me 30 minutes each runner. never put any metal other than brass in there, you could scratch up the valve with a screwdriver so I kept it all soft plastic tools.

NEVER EVER put seafoam into the engine in any way other than in the fuel tank. Gas engines won’t burn that stuff but diesels will run away if you do.

Pull the head and report back if you are brave enough to try and save the engine. It’s probably done for but hey, you should try and investigate it for minimal cost. First step is to do a leak down test and then a compression test if it cranks ok. I would crank it by hand at this point.

Best of luck bud.
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