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Originally Posted by VeeDubTDI View Post
... The heater uses about three times more, so winter range can be reduced by about a quarter in very cold weather, particularly on short shopping trips where the car is cold soaking several times per day.
I'm finding the Volt has a similar issue. What had been a 44~46 mile estimate in summer on a full charge is down to 36~38 with the near freezing temps now, and that's with minimal heat usage.
As it gets colder I'm sure the battery range will drop more than it already has.
I charge at home to end by 5 am. I hit the remote start to allow warm-up / de-frost while still plugged in to the 220 so the battery remains unused. I switch the heat off for the short duration 10 mile drive to work. I then have ample kw for the uphill climb back to home using only as much battery powered defrost as needed to minimize the chances of the 1.4 liter on-board generator activating.
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