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Originally Posted by paramedick View Post
My two cents? I don't go to TDIFest to break my car. I go to socialize and network with other owners. Also to see an area I would normally not visit.

Our trip this year to Maine will be a mini vacation for the clan. Slow drive up and back with some sightseeing.
Are these cars so fragile that they break every time you get on it hard??? I have run my '06 down the 1/8-mile maybe 20 times or so in the two or three times I've had it at events. Nothing broke and it was a fun experience. If something is built so that it is making SOOOO much power that it is breaking stuff on street tires on a 1/8-mile drag strip then the builder did not build the rest of the car to match the engine mods or something else shoddy is going on.

Is it not expected that a car should be able to go from a standstill through 1/8-mile of distance at full throttle??? If a TDI can't handle this abuse (which is basically like merging on to a freeway onramp) then I might have to think about getting rid of this one before it breaks on me!!!

A dyno is even easier on the car than full acceleration street runs as the load simulation rollers are more forgiving than unmovable asphalt or concrete roads and highways. I have dynoed my TDI, my Tahoe and my Duramax truck MANY times and have NEVER had issues!!!

I do see problems on the dyno sometimes at events, but it is usually when someone is pushing the limits of their setup with tons of nitrous and/or atypical turbo setups. But in general, if it is safe to drive on the street and freeway it should be safe to run on a dyno or 1/8-mile drag strip. 1/4-mile drag strips are a little more scary as the speeds are higher and driver skill can come into play as well as braking and tires at speed. And, road courses require even more driving skill and better vehicle prep. Low speed tight autocross courses are very fun too!!! And again should pose no problems for parts, cars or safety!!!

But really, don't be afraid to enjoy your car! Many Club members recommend spirited driving and the dyno and drag strip are great places to do it safely...

Originally Posted by Lug_Nut View Post
My friend, you have much to learn.

Nor do I, but it seems I have a penchant for doing exactly that, usually C/V joints.
I assume that most of the high MPG crowd that plans their cross country trips to drive back roads to keep speeds low and MPG high would not want to drive their car at full acceleration capability for fear of wasting fuel and dropping their average MPG.

Personally I am a gear head and enjoy DRIVING my vehicles. I have no problem JUMPING my big 4X4 and plan to desert race it at some point when it is done, and like to use the skinny pedal a lot in whatever I am driving!!!
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