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Originally Posted by Rob Mayercik
At the risk of starting another spat in the thread, what do you mean by "you agree that sometimes score sheets are available after the awards"? And if they were, not only doesn't that do the folks who competed but couldn't stay for the actual presentation any good (such as myself), but was this mentioned anywhere? Either they're made available to the owners or they're not.
Oh, Please! What I wrote was:
Originally Posted by Lug_Nut
Score sheets are sometimes available for view after the awards, and I agree with that practice,
Different shows have had different policies. Some of the shows in which I exhibited or judged posted the scoring sheets of the placing cars and, on request and with ID would provide the exhibitor with the score sheets for his or her car. Some show organizers chose to not make the scores available. I preferred the shows where my car's score could be reviewed for areas that I could improve. I stopped participating in the shows I didn't like.
Originally Posted by Rob Mayercik
So I'm supposed to come into my 1st or second S&S with a PhD in how to prep? I didn't see that in the brochure.

As I said before, I've done a grand total of two of these events in my lifetime. That being said, I still want to make a better effort next time, and part of doing that is getting feedback.
If you ask for advice, and advice is given, don't ask for the same advice again expecting a different answer. Here's my same answer:
"You are competing against other exhibitors, ask THEM what they like or don't about your car. Don't trust the reply from the guy in your class? Ask someone from a different class. Ask a former judge if you know one."
Ask again and I'll copy/paste it again.

but there's this:
Originally Posted by Rob Mayercik
...not only doesn't that do the folks who competed but couldn't stay for the actual presentation any good (such as myself),...
If you want to beat the competition, you need to know who they are and what they do. How will you possibly learn the tips, tricks and techniques the trophy winners use to separate their entries from the "pint glass" masses, when you don't stay to learn who they are?

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