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Originally Posted by dieseldrive View Post
It is unlikely that it slipped in that direction (opposite the load). If the bolts were not tight enough, the load of the pump would force the slip to be the other way (these pumps take up to 5 horsepower to turn them at full load).
I'm quoting your first post to save space but hopefully get your attention. I'm working through your longer post but portions of it are out of my depth so I'm still chewing on it.

New info I found tonight:

At 123,792 miles (April of 2012):
replaced a/c compressor
service a/c system, check for leaks and proper operation
relace control arm bushings
replace left inner cv joint boot

At 128,180 miles (October of 2012)
replace diesel injection pump
replace diesel fuel filter
replace timing belt, rollers, tensioner, and serpentine belt
replace water pump (with timing belt) NOTE! DELETE INCORRECT PUMPS
replace dip stick tube

Those two visits combined: $4351

I paid: $3200ish, I think, for the car, that was in October of 2014. The milage on the title is exempt, so I don't know

It died in January of 2016, and sat dead until January of 2018. It now has 162k miles on it. As a part of or since reviving it:

-replaced fuel filter and fuel pickup/sender unit
-replaced cabin and engine air filters
-replaced oil filter
-replaced all vacuum hoses (per instructions found on forum)
ordered a break boost pipe assembly (currently have a functional interrem assembly that has a new valve that isn't exactly the right valve because we broke the plastic nipple-deal that comes out at a 90 from the check valve while replacing the vacuum's a little sketch but it's holding)
-replaced starter motor
-new battery
-cleaned EGR valve from caked to shiny (didn't break anti-shudder valve arm thing)
-did turbo exhaust side only Seafoam cleaning as described by several people on tdiclub forums, verified free movement of vanes and used a vacuum tool to check turbo actuator movement
-have run a bunch of fuel cleaner and injector cleaner through as full-tank additives
-replaced MAF
-messed with the timing as described in this thread.
-replaced sagging, billowing headliner (I know this doesn't matter, but I hated that and now I am happy).

Current Status: Starting easily every time, even though it was very cold this morning (22 degrees...I was worried). Not as much tach jumping at idle/low rpms...but very jerky and noisy low-speed operation, with white smoke puffing (parking lot speeds, reverse is louder than drive).

Also current status: VCDS arrived today (WOOT!!!)
Current Status Caveat: all of our laptops are Macs....Windows laptop for use with VCDS arrives Monday. (BOOOOOOOO).

What are all of the things I should check first once I can actually hook up my VCDS? If I can borrow a windows laptop before monday, should I do this, or is there limits to how many machines I can install the VCDS software on? Or does it only care about the number of VIN's it works for (I got the one that does 3, I only have one VW)?
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