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Originally Posted by shoebear View Post
I was thinking the hammer mod (adjusting the fuel injection quantity) might help your starting, but I didn't mention it because you need to get the VCDS first, set your timing, and THEN adjust the injection quantity..

My experience with the injection quantity is that it affects ease of starting and smoke more than power. If there's not enough fuel, it's hard to start in cold weather. If there's too much, it smokes.

The hammer mod requires loosening a bolt with a triangular security head. Some people pound a regular socket on the bolt head, but the right way to do that is to buy the MetalNerd MN3001 special socket for it. You can get it HERE or HERE for $23 + shipping.
I think one of the issues I have been having is that I have interpreted things that seem related to me as all being part of a single problem, when that now appears unlikely.

I have a problem that looks like it can be addressed with the hammer mod - my startup has a problem. The problem involves smoke, and the tachometer jumping around between about 900 and 1k rpm in idle with puffs of white smoke, with continued jerking like that only at a bit higher rpms in drive, which continues until it is "warmed up." It also just kind of rattles when I slow down to stop, even after it's warmed up but worse when it's not. All of those jerking things have some white smoke associated.

If starting has executed successfully and I get it driving (18 miles each way to and from work) it either:

a) very occasionally drives perfectly smooth with the tachometer showing 1900-2100k through all of the driving at all of the speeds, and shifting (up or down) exactly when you expect it to/feel like is should, and this also features very quiet engine running, a quiet purr sort of a thing like its supposed to, and approximately the amount of power/acceleration/handling that this vehicle is capable of under normal running circumstances or

b) is some some combination of underpowered (from slightly annoying to somewhat distressing) and loud (growling like an old dodge ram diesel engine), usually accompanied by check engine lights. Typically this sort of running is proceeded by difficulty getting it to start (it will crank but won't turnover, or it will turnover briefly and then die, repeatedly until it starts on somewhere between the 3rd and 6th attempt).

So I thought all of my symptoms were one thing, but probably it's a bunch of stuff because the previous owner didn't know anything about engines, but had a VW shop that he trusted that he had do all of his stuff. By didn't know anything, I mean that I have receipts and one of the first one says "CUSTOMER STATES THICK GREASE LEAKING FROM REAR OF VEHICLE" followed by "FOUND CUSTOMER HAD SPILLED OIL IN TRUNK CAUSING IT TO LEAK DOWN AND OUT OF THE SPARE TIRE COMPARTMENT"

They were nice and didn't charge him for that little bit of diagnostic.
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