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I just want to post some details about my EGT issue as I haven't seen anyone else mention this.

While driving my 2013 Jetta TDI with ~78,000 miles, I had the glow plug light blinking and the CEL eventually came on. Generic OBD2 scanner showed P0544 EGT sensor bank 1 sensor 1. This was right at the beginning of an important trip so I used the Torque app to monitor the temps. Everything seemed usual except the pre-turbo temp would occasionally max out to 1800 F, even during situations that didn't make sense like coasting or engine braking down hill. Similarly, the DPF temp seemed a little low ~600F for highway driving and would slowly drop over time.

As I mentioned this was an important trip so I decided to keep driving, clear the codes to see if they came back, and simply monitor the temps. During the 250 mile drive to Baltimore, the codes did continue to return and random intervals. The following morning, the car started and completed a regen. Although the engine sounded terrible while performing an active regen at idle (like it was bogging down?) with noticeably stronger shaking.

After driving around the city for ~50 miles, I drove back to NY with another ~250 highway miles. The following morning the car completed another active regen.

I'm not really sure what's going on, my guess is that the sensor is in the process of breaking but as it still gives seemingly accurate temperatures most of the time, the car is still able to initiate and complete regens (it also continues to perform the regen although the reported value will sporadically spike to 1800+ and then rapidly return to ~1200F). Having read this thread, I believe I got extremely lucky with that trip and could have easily faced a major DPF clog in the middle of NJ. Now to decide whether I fix the sensor or begin the buyback now rather than Aug 2018.
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