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Default Re: MFA Cluster Conversion Installation Information

Just came across this topic on vortex:
Service Interval Reminder

Basically enable service interval on US/Canada cars:
Finaly after research, I was able to setup service reminder on US spec cluster. I think is very useful futer, no idea why is disabled on US cars. Anybody with VAG-COM can do that, by changing coding in your cluster. This only can work on cars with CAN BUS build from 05.00. for example US Golf cluster coding is 07232 so you have to replace 4-th digit (3 with 0 as for cars with fixed service intervals without oil/temp. sender), after this go to:
1. channel 43 in Instrument Cluster (upper limit for distance to next inspection step size is 1000 km, by default 15000 km=9400 miles)
2. channel 44 is upper limit for time to next inspection in days, step size is 1 day by default 365
3. channel 40 is distance traveled since last inspection, step in 100km (ex. 5200 km= 052)
4. channel 41 is time elapsed since the last inspection, step 1 day
First the channels 43 and 44 must be adapted, because the values of channels 40 and 41 may not be greater than the upper limits of channels 43 and 44. Adaptation must be done using kilometers (1 mile equates to approx. 1.609 km )
To reset service interval go to Instrument Cluster Adaptation channel 2 enter 0 and save.
Service Reminder will display on your cluster (in place of the curent odo display, just fo couple sec.)after certain milleage(usualy 2000 miles or 3200km or time set in channel 43 and 44, as Service in _____ and it will countdown every 100 miles(km), when you turn your ignition ON.
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Yes this will work on euro cars as well, but in euro cars you have couple options, depends if your car is equipd with oil/temp. sender then you have to follow this:
0 is for vehicles with fixed service intervals without oil/temp. sender
1 is for vehicles with flexible service intervals with oil/temp. sender
2 is for vehicles with fixed service intervals with oil/temp. sender
3 is for vehicles without service interval display (USA, Canada)
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try this go to channel 40 enter 119 as 11900 km from last inspection, then when you turn you ignition Service in 3200 should appear in place of the odometer just for couple sec. I just forgot to mention cluster is counting mileage in a backgroung, until 2000 miles or 3200 km(dependts of country code) before due date or distance to the next service, and is decreasing this distance on display every 100 miles or km. Starting from 3200 km to 0 so you have time to prepare.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Thanks for tdi28 over on vortex. I tried on my Euro cluster and it works.
So I would like to share this information on the topic for a complete reference. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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