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Originally Posted by n1das View Post
You know you're obsessed when you track the years and miles you have been driving diesel vehicles.
Today (5/15/2018) marks my 16th anniversary of driving diesel cars. I first drove my 2002 Golf TDI off the dealer's lot on 5/15/2002. The Golf was my 2nd VW and my first diesel. After 16 years and over 800k miles of diesel car ownership, there is absolutely no way I'm ever going back to a gasser again if I can help it. All future vehicle purchases of mine shall only be DIESEL vehicles.
VW really screwed the pooch with the Dieselgate scandal. VW not returning with TDIs simply means I won't be returning as a customer. I'm a lot less brand loyal than I used to be. I welcome diesel vehicles from any and all manufacturers. I'm into BMW Advanced Diesel now. Owning only diesel vehicles has emerged as top priority. Absolutely no more gassers for me. Whatever I own and drive absolutely HAS to be diesel powered.
You know you're obsessed when you keep track of the years and miles you've been driving diesel cars. To add to my earlier post, I'm at 16 years and over 900k miles of diesel car ownership.
  • "Only" 361k miles in my 2002 Golf TDI. The car is still on the road today in the hands of the second owner with over 400k miles on the odometer.
  • 170k miles in my 05 PD Jetta Wagen TDI. Now owned by TDIclub guru mrchill.
  • 102k miles in my 2010 Jetta SportWagen TDI. Now owned by mrchill.
  • 25k miles in my 08 Ford F350 SuperDuty 6.4L PowerStroke Diesel truck. I miss that truck and now wish I had kept it. At the time it was hard to justify owning 3 vehicles when I'm the only driver of them. I'll probably have another one again someday.
  • 105k miles in my 2014 BMW 535d and climbing.
  • 140k miles in my 2012 X5 35d. The car was a CPO deal in 2014 at 52k miles. Now at only 192k miles and climbing.

Current total of 903k miles of diesel car ownership and climbing.

Total miles driven in my life to date (I'm 56) = 558k miles in gassers + 903k miles in diesels (since 2002) = 1461k miles = 1.461 million miles

When people ask me why I prefer to own a diesel car instead of a gasser, I can tell them it is based on 16 years and over 900k miles of diesel ownership experience.
Why DIESEL is better: (Courtesy TDIclub forum member wxman)
PM -
Air Toxics -
Ozone Precursors -
General -

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