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Originally Posted by Oilerlord View Post

It all depends on how many miles you drive.

Cases in point:

My wife drives a 2004 BMW that returns ~17MPG. She fell in love with the new BMW 330e PHEV but we can't make the "math" make sense because she only uses about $75 per month in fuel. I'd put her car in the category of "fuel wasting monster" however even if the price of fuel doubles - she's only paying $150 per month.

A few years back, I bought a nearly-mint condition 2002 Infiniti QX4. I thought I was being smart because I was able to pick up the car on the cheap. I loved everything about that SUV except it's 16MPG. I was into premium gas for ~$150 per week (about $8,000 per year). Suddenly, that SUV wasn't such a good deal after all. Essentially, I'd get a "free" JSW TDI for the price of 5 years of fuel. I sold the car a year later and bought the JSW.

Math suggested a BEV would make sense for me, but only if I could buy it cheap enough so that the (relative) absence of fuel & maintenance costs offset the price of the car. Used BEV's are incredibly affordable, and if you can make a car with an 80-100 mile range work for you - there isn't another modern (2014+) car that can beat it from a TCO standpoint. I figured the ICE-related fuel and maintenance for our 2004 Audi wagon to be about $25,000 over it's lifetime (we sold it a few months ago). Assuming my B250e remains reliable, and compared to the Audi, I believe it will eventually pay for itself in 6-8 years. Since last June, I've had 7000 miles using no gasoline. Yes there is a cost to electricity, however I only pay ~$0.08 (taxes & fees included), and have 9.2kW of solar generation that mitigates that to some extent.
........ My wife drives her (GUZZLER) 2015 Toyota RAV4 LIMITED only a very few miles ~~ 'bout 500 miles per month

....... She has a soft foot, and get nice MPG

....... Mostly only fills up once a month
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