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Originally Posted by rotarykid View Post
Too many people like you believe it is affordable to drive a ~10-15mpg vehicle as a daily driver!
Her Guzzler is getting 24 - 31 MPG ~~ for the record

Now you might be able to afford this as long as we stay at ~$2 a gal, which we all know we will not for very long!
Okies (generally) pay at the bottom of national fuel rates - I've seen Tulsa at way more than a dollar cheaper

But as most that didn't seem to be able to do math found out the last time these gas guzzlers in no way is doable as a daily driver when we have 4 or higher a gal the next time.....
She drives about 500 miles a month -- and the credit card is about $20 a month -- generally one fill up

So when gas in Okieville hits $6.00 per gallon her bill will be about $60 per month

and at (WHEN) Tulsa gas at $6.00 ~~ guessing poor other sates will be at $7 or $8 per gallon

Before you or anyone buys a new 10-18mpg real world gas guzzler that because of purchase price you will have to live with for years to come irregardless of the cost at the pump, do the math on whether you will be able to afford ~$150 or more a week for gas to get to & from work on a daily basis....
... as I said at Tulsa $6.00 per gallon, her weekly fuel cost will be about $15 --

If you cannot afford that cost when the price of fuel goes back up, and have no doubt that it will again go back to at least 4 a gal again, then you need to choose something else, something else that get better mpgs.... And when the price does go back up again to 4+ a gal if you did do this math will you be able to live with the cost of that....
24 - 31 MPG is fine with her ~~ as she just drive a very few miles

I have ask her to drive my TDI from time to time ~~ so as to get my car out of the garage ~~ mostly she will have none of it --
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