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Originally Posted by 2015vwgolfdiesel View Post
I'm all for great MPG
but as far as I am concerned the CAFE (in the furure) has gone over board to the MAX
Satisfied even with the MPG on wife's 2015 Toyota RAV4 LIMITED
Gas (here in Okieville) is relatively cheap. And she only drives 'bout 500 miles per month.
So there

And there stated above is the real issue we will have again if we drop CAFE with real achievable goals like we have today,,,,,,.....

there is no technical reason we could have a fleet of vehicles today on our roads that easily gets 40-50mpgUS, we have had the tech to do this for over three decades now!

Too many people like you believe it is affordable to drive a ~10-15mpg vehicle as a daily driver!

Now you might be able to afford this as long as we stay at ~2 a gal, which we all know we will not for very long!

But as most that didn't seem to be able to do math found out the last time these gas guzzlers in no way is doable as a daily driver when we have 4 or higher a gal the next time.....

Now this seems to be a lessen that too many seem to have already forgotten,.....

Before you or anyone buys a new 10-18mpg real world gas guzzler that because of purchase price you will have to live with for years to come irregardless of the cost at the pump, do the math on whether you will be able to afford ~$150 or more a week for gas to get to & from work on a daily basis....

anyone who buys one of these things as your only way to get around really needs to add up what that fuel wasting monster will cost to run when(not if) we go back to 4+ a gal again!!!

If you cannot afford that cost when the price of fuel goes back up, and have no doubt that it will again go back to at least 4 a gal again, then you need to choose something else, something else that get better mpgs....

And when the price does go back up again to 4+ a gal if you did do this math will you be able to live with the cost of that....

And before anyone says it, you will not be able to just sell the gas guzzler to get your money back when this happens because the people who might have bought it will be in the same sinking boat you are in when the price goes back up again.....
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