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Default 2010 JSW check engine/glow plug lights, codes P0045 & P0047

Hi to all - I searched the forum a bit and didn't come up with much (and am a bit of a TDI beginner anyway) so I'm hoping for some advice.

I have a 2010 JSW (manual & 34,150 miles and about 8 months after the 3yr warranty ended) and the check engine light and blinking glow plug light came on a few nights ago after driving for apx 30min. I was about a mile from home so kept going and noticed nothing different except for no 'oomph' - is that what is called limp mode? There is no real acceleration, though I didn't push it and I'm not driving it except back from the dealer and to another garage (about 2 miles).

With much grumbling, my local dealer agreed to scan it for free (they wanted me to pay $112 to scan it and diagnose) and they came up with codes P0045 & P0047. The tech was really nice and thought it might be a wiring/connection issue (i.e. chewed through by a rodent, etc), but of course couldn't really say for sure. I know the codes have to do with the turbocharger/solenoid from this site, but it only talks about the CEL and not the blinking glow plug light. I did confirm both brake lights are working.

Anyone with similar experiences or have an idea of what it might be? I'm not excited about forking out a lot of $ now that the 3yr warranty is up, so I'm hoping whatever it is may still be under the 5yr warranty (my ignorance of car stuff shows here). The dealer said if the problem is wiring then it would not be covered. I have checked with the 2 nearby Colorado TDI gurus from your list (Anuthee and Frey's Foreign Cars) and they are both very booked, so I'd be without a car for a lot longer than I would be if the dealer worked on it. No good answer.

For some background in case it's related, they did replace my HPFP (twice) just over a year ago after I started hearing a strange sound (kind of a metallic 'whooshing/scraping' from the front end through the air vents), and since I bought the car new in 2010 I've had the repeated 'hiccup'/hesitation around 2000rpm, which I posted about a year ago or so. I still have both issues but have been told that they are likely just 'characteristics' of the car and are probably nothing.

Thanks and let me know if I can provide any more info and I will if I can!

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