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Default PD BEW head connection troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the T8 (8 pin connector on the left (port for you sailors) side of the engine head)
BEW engine specific data. (may apply to BRM).
(Remember the left side of the car is on the driver’s left when sitting in the seat.)
Only 5 of the 8 possible connectors are used, they are shown in wiring diagram 81/7 of my Bentley book.
The plug is the part that comes off of the head in your hand
– on the end of a pigtail of wires to the ECM.
The jack is the stationary part that stays on the engine head.

The ECM does not detect that the plug is off until you try to start the engine, and then it throws this code:
18072 - Control Circuit for PD Injectors: Electrical Malfunction
P1664 - 000 - -
Freeze Frame:
RPM: 315 /min
Torque: 126.0 Nm
Speed: 0.0 km/h
Load: 0.0 %
Voltage: 11.02 V
Bin. Bits: 00101100
Temperature: 41.4°C
Bin. Bits: 01010000

Other VAG-COM information
Group 52 always reads zero, engine off, cranking, or running, T8 connected, or not connected. Seems worthless?
Group 13, engine off, key on reads 0.0 with T8 connected or not. Reads 0.0 cranking with T8 off.
Group 18, engine off key on reads 128 with T8 connected or not. See graph for cranking with T8 off.
Group 23 engine off key on reads 0.0 with T8 connected or not. Reads 0.0 cranking with T8 off.

Due to concerns about connector health I never tried to tape over or otherwise open a single injector’s current flow path.
If anyone is more assured of their skills and would open one conductor path for one injector (any pin but 7), and post the data here or PM me, then I will update this post.

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