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Thank you for all the suggestions!

Concerning the injector testing: If I test them out of the engine like that I will be very careful! I have a healthy respect for 2000+ psi fluids.

Click Here for a YouTube video of what the engine sounds like right now.

jokila – I am in Greenville TX. Northeast from Dallas by 45 minutes.

miningman – Don’t worry about being critical. Just because I tried to do a semi-advanced repair myself, doesn’t automatically mean I get a trophy and everything works out in the end. If I screwed it up, then I screwed it up. It sucks, but it happens sometimes. I appreciate the advice

flashmayo – I have a borescope ready for when the cylinders are open. I will upload pictures as soon as I get to that point. The engine was running perfectly after the timing job. I was getting 38 MPG on the highway (which is exactly what I have been getting for the past 4 years). It was actually running slightly smoother than before the belt job. I set the timing to be in the top third between the center line and the top line per normal procedure. It smoked a little less. There were no symptoms that anything was wrong until I started seeing first black smoke, then white smoke while going down the highway.

Based on the comments, it looks like things have shifted towards something being wrong with timing or injectors. I have ordered a diesel compression tester and will proceed with troubleshooting as follows:
-Remove timing belt cover and check tensioner, pulleys, hardware, etc.
-Remove valve cover and check TDC on CAM, IP, and flywheel to see if they still match.
-Compression test when the tester arrives.

And then based on the results possibly proceed with injector test or leakdown test.

Thank you guys so much for your help. Sounds like a good place to start. I will keep you updated with progress. If it is timing, maybe I can learn something and save other people from making the same mistakes!
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