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Originally Posted by oilhammer View Post
All TDIs sold here since 1997 have had liquid cooled EGR. The newer engines employ some very complex cooling system circuits, dual thermostats, additional pumps, etc., to help both get the engine up to temp quickly as well as keep it there. But exhaust temp is very important too, and to pump coolant through the hot parts of the exhaust (as some hybrid gasoline cars do) would help keep the engine warm, but would be detrimental in their cooling effects on the exhaust components that need to be very hot in order to function properly.
Tangent coming....

Your mention of getting both engine and exhaust temperatures up quickly reminded me of something I've noticed a couple of times in my '15 TDI. At least twice now, in the roughly 13,000 miles I've driven mine since buying it at the end of January, I've noticed a regen beginning within just a couple of minutes of leaving the house in the morning. It's happened at the first stoplight I hit, less than a half-mile from my house, after very light throttle and speeds of 25 mph or less. These were cool mornings (mid-40's outside temps) and after the car sat all night, so all systems were cold.

Maybe that's normal for these to get warm enough to support a regen so quickly. But I was surprised by it.

Side note: my daily commute is about 225 miles, so it's pretty close to the roughly 250 miles I think I'm seeing between regens. So I tend to go through cycles of not noticing regens for a while, then a few days in a row where I'll notice them at the beginning or end of my commute.

But back on topic...

I'm very intrigued by this Bosch technology. This could be great for Diesel lovers. If I had to guess, when the Former VW Chairman recently mentioned the possibility of getting back into Diesels, maybe he had knowledge of Bosch's work on this.
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