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All TDI's already have a "Cold Air Filter"....whats the point?

Another aspect that is overlooked is the OEM intake point is drawn from a region of high pressure, if you defeat this you just lost 3-5 hPa of air pressure driving down the road.

Most after market filters are hardly "Cold Air Filters" in fact the majority suck in hot engine air from inside the engine compartment. They try to disguise the poor designs with vertical blocks and try to draw air from around a headlights but you are still drawing in from a lower pressure region of air.

Using a manometer inside the air box is the best way to monitor restriction. sure you could place a port at the turbo inlet but the difference in pressure would be minimal if any at all since they are both being measured in the same duct with the same pressure.

MAF readings will not tell you anything, MAF readings are not limited by the filter but by what is being commanded by the ECU. The MAF sensor only reads what the ECU is telling the turbo to pump into the engine...Don't confuse naturally aspirated concepts with forced will confuse yourself and the data that you are trying to interpret.

Again this takes us back to a pressure that is not dependent on any engine component, but is shows the net affect of the filtration and induction system, system being the operative word.

The bottom line is that a filtration systme is measured on two fronts:

-Whats the total pressure drop of the system as measured at the turbo inlet.
-Does the filtration system provide 10-15 micron filtration with 98% efficiency and still permit 60,000 miles between changes without any meaningful increase in restriction at the end of its service life?
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