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Default Why Do I Recommend the Two-Tank Conversion?

Why do I still recommend the two tank conversion?
Even though the “Americanized Two Tank conversion” does not address issues of combusting and atomizing a thicker fuel, its benefits are numerous. The greatest benefit is you get to control when and where you want to burn WVO. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. I use it to my advantage in strictly keeping my WVO burning to the highway only. Not only that, if traffic conditions become undesirable, I can purge and get back on diesel fuel. This is a disadvantage because the “idiot factor” comes into play. The “idiot factor” is the elements that only the user can control. There is a certain amount of greed and freedom that comes into play when having a “free fuel switch” at your hands at all times. The very first instance in which you push the limits of WVO burning theory (more on this later) you are pushing the envelope into what is considered relatively safe WVO burning. For example, not waiting till operating temperature, not waiting until WVO temperature, not purging long enough or not driving long enough on diesel before you reach your desired location are all aspects of greedy WVO use. This can be eliminated, and created with a two tank conversion, be careful…

The other advantages with the two tank conversion is if you run the kit properly and adhere to the directions of running a kit, you will consistently start and stop on 100% diesel. Starting and stopping on 100% diesel eliminates the undesirable effects of incomplete combustion of WVO/VO. Thus, you eliminate piston ring coking (cylinder wall scaring), injector nozzle coking, and motor oil contamination which are most prevalent at startup.

It is entirely possible for us to replicate the desired combustion effects with Elsbett and the desired aspects of a two tank conversion. We can achieve the best of both worlds. To understand how to do this, one must understand that not all diesels are similar.
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