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Hybrid...doesn't that dictate automatic transmission? I'm assuming soon I will be having to sell my 2011 Golf TDI, 2-door, 6 speed manual back to VW. (No sunroof, too!).
I'm suffering a crisis in choosing what car I want going forward. (a) I want it to be a 2-door. (b) I want it to be a 6 speed manual. VW seems to have given up on these two basic choice combinations.
(3) I want it to be a diesel because of the low end torque. My present car doesn't feel tin can-ish like oh so many small small cars with high revving 4-cylinder engines.
Except for the Beetle VW won't even be making 2-doors. And I heard rumors the Beetle will be discontinued. And manual transmissions are being dropped, AFAIK. (I'm holding back a major cursing fit.). Broadly, 2-doors are being dropped, too.

At a certain level I am angry at VW for this situation. At another, I am angry at what I feel is an over reaction to the VW diesel problems. I get it that NOX are to be avoided, but for what feels like a couple of decades now the idea of the bug-a-boo of CO2 was screamed from every mainstream media "news outlet." Now, I am going to be forced into a vehicle that gets worse mpg and emits higher levels of CO2. Not only because of the gasoline engine, but also because of increased size and the near requirement of an automatic transmission, which all too often is a CVT. (No effin' thanks.)

My wife's Lexus went into the dealer shop today for breaks. We didn't know it was to be in the shop overnight so they drove is home in an RX 330 (350?...brand new). Its a $43,000+ automobile...and from the way it rode and'
There's such an astoundingly standardized/average feel to so many new automobiles these days.

I'm in a real dilemma. What automobile can replace my VW Golf...the car that in my life I've enjoyed the most?

Rant off...temporarily.
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