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Default Some Oregonians know how to pump their own gas

Apparently there has been some internet chatter about some Oregonians freaking out about "having to pump their own gas"

Well, I have lived in Oregon from my first memories and I'm not freaking out, rather, I'm laughing with everyone at these people. The new law only effects the least populated counties and the people in the least populated counties are man enough to pump their own. Yes, even the ladies are man enough to pump their own.

The facebook thingy that started it all was in a county that isn't affected so the people that were replying probably won't even have to worry about it. I think that just goes to show how much they are paying attention to what is going on.

That being said, I have talked to a bunch of people that are perfectly capable of pumping their own, but they just don't want to. That's a big Whiskey Tango Foxtrot there. I prefer to get out and chat with the attendant and maybe even pop my hood. If it's my Jetta, I always pump my own and top it off as I wish. If it's my (gasser) service truck, the attendant is happy to let me do it because it fills so slow I have to trickle it in so I just free them up to handle their business elsewhere.

I guess I'm just a bit different -OK ALOT different- but I feel like if I sit in my car while someone else pumps my gas, it's like I am trying to feel superior to them and look down on them. When I get out and help - even if it's just opening the fuel door - I'm relating to them and treating them as an equal, not some super S.N.O.B. that feels others should cater to me.

That being said, if I travel out of state, I always fumble when it comes time to pay. If I use a credit card, that's simple, but what about cash? And what if I only want a certain amount? But even though I may struggle with those rare situations, guess what? I figure it out!

A question for all of you in the other 48 states, how does someone that actually needs help, get help? Like if someone has severe trouble getting out of their car, how do they get someone to come out and help? I'm honestly curious about this and not trying to be a Jackhat.

If you want a good laugh, dig up some of the responses. One guy said he had to fuel up in CA. and almost died. OMG, seriously? I bet now there will be people in the other 48 looking for Oregon plates at the gas station and playing games with them. Like watching for when they put the nozzle in the tank then run over saying, "STOP!!!" If you do this - and I hope someone does - let us know how it goes, or better yet, get it on video. Or walk over calmly and ask in your best kindergarten teacher voice, "Do you need help with that?"
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